API-614 Cobey Celebrates 700th Lube Oil Console

     In early 2013, Cobey completed their 700th lube oil console. The project was delivered to a gas processing plant in the Middle East.

     For over 25 years, Cobey has designed and manufactured custom lube oil consoles built to the API-614 standard. Cobey has been a member of the API-614 task group, responsible for writing the standard, for the 4th, 5th and now 6th editions. That’s over 15 years of first hand involvement in the development of the standard!

     End users are too many to list, but represent the full spectrum of oil and gas producers, processors and refiners throughout the world. With such an extensive list, there are few companies in the world who can boast more API-614 experience than Cobey.

     When you combine our experience with unequaled standards for workmanship and quality control, there really is only one option. Insist on a Cobey system.

Cobey API 614 Lube Oil Console
Cobey API 614 Lube Oil Console

Cobey Lube Oil Console

Located in Buffalo, NY, Cobey Inc. designs and manufactures modular piping packages and auxiliary equipment for the petrochemical, energy, oil & gas, and air separation industries. Engineered products such as lube oil consoles, dry gas seal panels, rundown tanks and rotating equipment packages are custom designed in accordance with customer specifications and applicable ISO/API standards.

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